Saraswathi Educational and Charitable Trust, Nagarabhavi, 'D' Group Layout, Bangalore is running a Charitable Trust under "ASHRAYA" Scheme to provide Food, Education, Medical Assistance and also Shelter for 40 poor incapable orphan and child labour childrens. This trust is taking responsibility of keeping childrens with providing the food, clothes, education and health. It is striving hard for the around development of childrens expecting generous financial help and co-operation from the public to implement the programme honestly.

"Indian Trust Act "80" G also available"

We humbly request the public to join hands with the organization to grace, save and develop the poor, incapable, orphan and child labour children to come up in the society.

  • Our Vision

    We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has over come and people live in dignity and security. Our pursuit is to bring about this change in society where no one has to suffer due to the scarcity of basic necessities of life.

  • Our Mission

    To work for the cause and care of backward people and to improve their quality of life. We work for improving the quality of life of those who are deprived of it. There is a large section of society which is deprived of social justice,

  • Our Aim

    To work for uplifting poor backward people for their all round development. Our aim is to dedicate our time towards uplifting the backward individuals and help them overcome the hurdles in their progress. We are determined to create a cheerful

  • Child Labour

    Millions of children around the world are trapped in child labour, depriving them of their childhood, their health and education, and condemning them to a life of poverty and want.

  • Free Education

    The sole purpose to make things easy for everyone is by trying to provide them education. And, the contradictory part is education is not cheap and we are on the mission to ensure

  • Orphan Children

    Saraswathi Educational & Charitable Trust is also very considerate of everyone, children are the founding pillars to coming future. If they are just left behind or because

  • Slum Areas and Rural development Programmes

    These programs are aimed at eradicating the developmental gap. This is caused both ways, rich getting richer & poor getting poorer. Saraswathi Educational & Charitable Trust

  • socio - cultural programmes

    We have programmes which are aimed at teaching the under-priviledged section and teach them more about our socio-cultural status. These programmes are aimed at giving them a really good understanding

  • support to the HIV / AIDS victims

    Saraswathi Educational & Charitable Trust also works for another help. A lot of people are suffering from the worst of all the medical issues and that is HIV/AIDS.

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    Working with Saraswathi has been a very revealing and enriching experience. I realized that there are many small things that can be done to contribute to humanity. Yes, what is needed is a bit of sensitivity and willingness to do something worthwhile.

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    I strongly believe that education is the right vehicle to spread and sustain democracy. Saraswathi Educational & Charitable Trust is doing a young man's job by feeding nutritious food to more than 1.6 million children in India.

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    Changing the lives of children is a continuous process. Nothing can be done in a limited period. As individuals we have to continue to give support by way of financial help, time as well as other resources. I believe in continuity and devotion without deviation. Saraswathi Educational & Charitable Trust is doing just that.

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    Charity means helping the hapless, the needy and the infirm in whatever way I can. That way, I can make them feel that they are not alone in this world. I am particularly impressed with the efficiency of the medical assistance and the sincerity of the people manning the units at Saraswathi Educational & Charitable Trust.

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